12 June 2020 by Mysticetii

Hello World!


Short intro

I am Mysticetii, the solo developer at Sheekore. It took more time than expected to set up slog. Slog (Sheekore + blog!) is a portmanteau of sheekore and various blog types (blog, vlog, devlog etc.) as indicated by the factorial sign (!). Here I will be sharing some work in progress details, tidbits about programming hurdles that I faced, and many more. I studied Mechanical Engineering but caught the programming bug in my first year in the introduction to computer science class. Later on, I kept learning by myself more programming for app and game development while keeping up with my studies.

Here is a summary about what I worked on since 2016 till now, details will follow later on

  • Set up Sheekore in June 2016 during my university exam period
  • Learned game programming for a few months and made my first game called Symtap (Don’t bother searching)
  • Gave another shot into my second game called SentioTap Emoji now Emoji Crush
  • Kept iterating on it until crushed all the bugs and improved the game experience
  • Started working on my second experience technically third called Uh Oh (Didn’t change the name yet)
  • Uh Oh was more difficult than expected and thought giving up but I persevered
  • Picked up few skills along the way as I kept learning.
  • Thinking about more experiences to dive into as I feel more confident in taking bigger designs.

That’s all for today but see you next time.