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Emoji Crush

Hyper match all the way to the top.

A matching game that you never saw before where you can feel the time slipping away. With simple game control consisting of only tap, anyone can pick up the game very easily. With many emoji's to match over many mini-levels within 250 seconds of game play time.

  • Environment A: 19 mini-levels
  • Environment B: 15 mini-levels
  • Environment C: 9 mini-levels
How to play?
You can only crush one emoji at a time by tapping only. Sliding touch or multiple crushes at a time are not possible. Find and Crush the emoji from the grid that is showing under the magnifying glass. Once you crush all the emoji in the highest mini-level in each environment, the next environment will unlock automatically.
Can you spot the emoji fast enough to crush?
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Version: 2.7.7
  • Updated appodeal plugin